use vifm to open neovim as easy as the likes of NERDTree
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use vifm to open neovim via tmux as easy as the likes of NERDTree.


  • put a symlink to e in your bin/ folder (~/.local/bin, ~/bin or whatever)
  • edit vifm config, add the following lines somewhere
    "save current tmux pane 
    if $TMUX 
        let $VIFM_TMUX_SESSION_NAME = system("tmux lsw -F '#{session_name}' -f '#{window_active}'")
        let $VIFM_TMUX_WINDOW_INDEX = system("tmux lsw -F '#{window_index}' -f '#{window_active}'")
    " Open file in existing instance of neovim (tmux-aware)
    nnoremap o :execute "!e @".$VIFM_TMUX_SESSION_NAME.":".$VIFM_TMUX_WINDOW_INDEX." %f &"<cr>

How to use

From vifm

press o on a file. It'll open in a pane to the right of vifm (maybe you should also do a :split instead of a :vsplit). Select another file and press o again. It'll open in the same instance of neovim. Magic!

From elsewhere

e @<session-name>:<window-number> <file>: will open a <file> in the specified session of tmux inside a specified window.