Зеркало репозитория https://github.com/Andrey0189/my-dwm
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My DWM setup

DWM is a dynamic window manager made by the Suckless team. This is my own configuration of this window manager. Warning: this setup is NOT "just works". You may need to edit some scripts and configs.

Applied patches:



Used fonts:


  • Clone the repository git clone https://github.com/Andrey0189/my-dwm
  • Add export PATH="${HOME}/.local/bin:${PATH}" to your ~/.bash_profile
  • Rename dwm/config.dark.h to dwm/config.h if you prefer dark theme.
  • Edit dwm/config.h to change default terminal, fonts, window rules, keybinds etc.


cd my-dwm
sudo chmod +x ./install.sh 

Do NOT execute ./install.sh as root

Then add this to your .xinitrc or create a new session

exec startdwm


  • Set DWM directory in the ~/.local/bin/restartdwm for proper restart.
  • Change autostart commands in the ~/.local/bin/startdwm.
  • Change bar output in ~/.local/bin/ubar.
  • Enjoy!