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Misskey Autorenote Bot

A very simple bot that renotes every note that mentions it. Example instance (as per 4.04.2023) -

Building with Nix

  • Executable:

    nix build will create ./result symlink with bin/misskey-autorenote-bot.

  • Docker image:

    nix bundle --bundler github:NixOS/bundlers#toDockerImage .# will create misskey-autorenote-bot-exe-misskey-autorenote-bot-0.1.0.tar.gz symlink to Docker image. You can load it with docker load < misskey-autorenote-bot-exe-misskey-autorenote-bot-0.1.0.tar.gz.


  • MISSKEY_TOKEN - token for bot to use.
  • MISSKEY_URL - URL of instance to use, without /api. Example:
  • MISSKEY_KEYWORDS - keywords that will trigger renote (list of strings separated by newlines).
  • MISSKEY_LOG (optional) - log level. One of Debug, Info, Warning, Error. Default is Debug.
  • MISSKEY_POLLING_DELAY (optional) - polling delay in milliseconds. Default is 1000ms.

Example systemd unit file