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Personal ThinkPad BIOS dumps archive. Includes propreitary Lenovo BIOS dumps and custom Coreboot builds with configs.
Current dumps:
- ThinkPad T60 (ATI variant) - LenovoBIOS and Coreboot (with config)
- ThinkPad X230 - LenovoBIOS
All BIOS images can be flashed with external programmer.
For educational purposes only
**For educational purposes only**

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# ThinkPad X230 - LenovoBIOS
## Content
There are 2 images:
- Bottom 8 Mb image (IFD, GBE, IntelME, some BIOS)
- Top 4 Mb image (continue of BIOS region)
## Dumping a full ROM
Concatenate bottom image with top image:
`cat x230_lenovobios_bottom.rom x230_lenovobios_top.rom > x230_lenovobios.rom`
You can try to unpack merged image to check if they were merged correctly.
## Splitting the ROM
To split the ROM into two images (one for the 8MiB and one for the 4 MiB flash IC), run the following commands:
`dd of=x230_lenovobios_top.rom bs=1M if=x230_lenovobios.rom skip=8`
`dd of=x230_lenovobios_bottom.rom bs=1M if=x230_lenovobios.rom count=8`
## More info
[Coreboot 'Lenovo Ivy Bridge series' docs](

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# ThinkPad X230
For ThinkPad **X330** patched BIOSes visit [this GitHub page](